How much is the shipping?

Shipping costs may vary depending on the weight and dimensions of the ordered products, country of delivery and the chosen method of payment (transfer/collection) and delivery method. To know the total amount to be paid together with the shipping costs, add the necessary products to your shopping cart and choose your preferred delivery and payment method (this does not mean placing an order yet). We cooperate with the leading European carriers, including the global courier company UPS. We also enable delivery through the Polish Post Office.

What are the delivery options?

Method of delivery

Prepayment (bank transfer oronline payment)

On delivery

Delivery time

Recommended method

PLN 15

PLN 22

1-2 business days

Domestic Pallet Delivery

PLN 130

PLN 150

1-2 business days

International Pallet Delivery

Individual pricing

Individual pricing

According to the delivery schedule

Who pays for shipping?

Shipping costs of the order are borne by the Customer.

When will I receive my order?

The order execution time, i.e. from the moment of crediting the payment or selecting the “cash on delivery” option to handing the shipment to the carrier selected by the Client, is maximum 2 business days. Delivery (transport) time may vary depending on the selected carrier and place of delivery. It is usually 1-2 working days for domestic shipments.

Detailed delivery information is available in the Store Regulations. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone: +48 32 222 13 22 and +48 885 221 722 or by e-mail We will be happy to help you.